T-design DIY with Feeding Area Ant Nest, Ant Farm Acryl for House Ants


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  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand Name: Leane Creatief
  • Type: Insects
  •  Note: ant nest only do not include the ant
  • The ant nest with size of 19*9.5*16cm
  • Water tower: 2 pcs
  • The ant nest is easy to install,when you receive the product kindly diy the installation if you get any problem kindly contact with lenny we will send with the installation vedio
  • glass tube is easy broken during delivery ,if any damage kindly purchase your local pls


















Introducing the T-Design DIY Ant Nest and Farm Acrylic Kit – your window into the captivating world of ants! Get ready to witness the incredible lives of these tiny creatures as they build, explore, and thrive within their transparent haven.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative T-Design: Our unique T-shaped design combines a feeding area with an intricately designed ant nest, offering a comprehensive view of both above-ground activities and intricate tunnel systems below. Watch your ants as they forage, interact, and build their home, all while enjoying an unobstructed view.

  2. Premium Acrylic Construction: Crafted from high-quality, durable acrylic, this ant farm guarantees crystal-clear visibility and longevity. The sturdy materials ensure a safe and secure environment for your ants, while the transparent walls provide an exceptional platform for observing their behaviors.

  3. Customizable Nest: The DIY aspect of this kit lets you create a personalized nest for your ant colony. Utilize the included digging tools and nesting materials to design tunnels, chambers, and pathways that mimic the natural habitat of ants. Encourage your ants to exhibit their natural behaviors in a setting you’ve helped create.

  4. Feeding Area: The integrated feeding area ensures easy access for providing sustenance to your ants. Observe as they carry food particles into the nest, fostering a deeper understanding of their communal behaviors and resource management.

  5. Educational and Entertaining: Ideal for both educational purposes and pure enjoyment, the T-Design DIY Ant Nest and Farm Acrylic Kit offers a hands-on experience that engages curious minds of all ages. Learn about ant behaviors, social structures, and the fascinating world of underground architecture.

  6. Low Maintenance: With thoughtful design elements such as a removable lid and easy-to-clean components, maintaining your ant farm is a breeze. Spend more time observing and less time worrying about upkeep.

  7. Expandable Design: As your ant colony grows and thrives, the T-Design kit allows for expansion. Connect additional modules to create a sprawling ant metropolis, connecting various nests and enhancing the complexity of their environment.

Experience the wonder of the miniature world beneath your feet with the T-Design DIY Ant Nest and Farm Acrylic Kit. Watch as your ants work, communicate, and adapt, providing an up-close look at their extraordinary lives. It’s more than an ant farm; it’s a gateway to discovery.




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