Pet Vermiculite Can for Cat, Dog, Rabbit – Organic Natural Grass Supplies


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Pet Vermiculite Can

for Dogs, Cats, Pets


Size: 10cm X 10cm X 6cm

(Please kindly know that we have several stickers on the can, and we will send out randomly.)

Gastrointestinal Health

Plant Fiber


Planting Steps:

Please watch the video we had posted on the page which shows the instructions.

1. Watering
2. Sun Bathing
3. Watering
4. Harvest


Organic Natural Sprout

If your fluffy friend don’t like to eat the grass, please cut off the cat grass and mix them into cat food.

Canned Vermiculite Nursery

Introducing our Pet Vermiculite Can, the perfect addition to your furry friend’s comfort and well-being. Crafted with care, this organic and natural grass supplies container is designed to enhance the living environment for your cat, dog, rabbit, and other small pets.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Organic Vermiculite: Our product is made from high-quality, organic vermiculite, a naturally occurring mineral that retains moisture and promotes healthy root growth in plants. It’s carefully selected to ensure safety and comfort for your pets.

  2. Natural Grass Odor Control: We understand the importance of a fresh-smelling pet space. The vermiculite in the can effectively absorbs odors, helping to keep your living area pleasant and odor-free.

  3. Comfortable Resting Surface: The soft and cushioned texture of the vermiculite provides a cozy resting spot for your pets. They’ll love lounging and playing on this comfortable surface.

  4. Safe for Pets: This vermiculite is specifically chosen for its non-toxic nature, making it safe for your pets to interact with. You can be confident that their health and well-being are our top priorities.

  5. Versatile Use: Whether you have a playful cat, an energetic dog, or a curious rabbit, our Pet Vermiculite Can is suitable for a variety of small pets. It offers them a comfortable and engaging space to explore and enjoy.

  6. Easy Maintenance: The can is designed for easy maintenance. Simply remove any solid waste and fluff the vermiculite to maintain its comfortable texture. When needed, the vermiculite can be replaced, ensuring a consistently clean and comfortable environment for your pets.

  7. Eco-Friendly Choice: We are committed to sustainable practices. The organic nature of the vermiculite and the recyclable packaging make this product an eco-friendly choice for conscientious pet owners.

Create a welcoming and cozy space for your beloved pets with our Pet Vermiculite Can. It’s a natural and organic solution that enhances their comfort and happiness while harmonizing with your home’s aesthetics. Treat your furry friends to the best in pet care with our thoughtfully designed and crafted product.


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