Lysine For Cats Vitamin Tablet/Kedi Immune System Booster Reinforcing 90 Tablet


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Bio PetActive Felilysine | For Cats Lysine Tablet/Kedi Immune System Booster 90 Tablet Bio Felilysine, especially the immune system is designed for supporting tablet form and L-Lisyne bait containing premiksidir. 
The main task of the protein synthesis and the lysine alınımını. Herpes the VIRS especially eyes more severe clinical signs. Lysine seriousness of infection in animals and time is reduced. Supports the immune system. Eye health. Method of use: to ensure the necessary Lysine: • Adult cats (6 month above) günde-2-4 tablet • Puppy-(6 months)-Daily 2 tablet can be directly or also can be added mamasına (1 tablets = 0,5g) (2 tablets…… 250 mg Lysine) (4 tablets…… 500 mg Lysine)

Introducing our Lysine for Cats Vitamin Tablets, the ultimate Kedi Immune System Booster Reinforcing formula in a convenient 90-tablet package. Specially designed to enhance your feline companion’s overall well-being, these tablets are formulated with premium-quality Lysine, a crucial amino acid that plays a key role in supporting your cat’s immune system and promoting optimal health.

Key Features:

  • Immune System Support: Lysine is known for its ability to bolster the immune system, helping your cat fight off common ailments and stay healthy.
  • Reinforced Defense: Our unique blend of essential nutrients provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your cat’s immune system is well-equipped to combat various challenges.
  • Convenient Dosage: Each bottle contains 90 easy-to-administer tablets, simplifying daily supplementation and ensuring your cat receives the recommended dose effortlessly.
  • Tasty Formula: Cats are notoriously picky eaters, but our tablets are designed to be palatable, making it easier to incorporate into their routine.


  • Supports Respiratory Health: Lysine is particularly effective in maintaining respiratory wellness in cats, especially those prone to respiratory issues.
  • Promotes Healing: If your cat is recovering from an illness or undergoing stress, Lysine aids in faster recovery and recuperation.
  • Enhances Overall Vitality: By boosting the immune system, these tablets contribute to your cat’s overall vitality, enabling them to enjoy a happier, more active life.

Directions for Use: Administer the tablets directly or crush and mix with your cat’s food according to the recommended dosage. Consult your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen.

Give your feline friend the gift of optimal health and well-being with our Lysine for Cats Vitamin Tablets. Strengthen their immune system, reinforce their defenses, and ensure they lead a vibrant life full of joy and energy. Order now and provide your cat with the immune support they deserve.



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