Freeze-Dried Raw Bone Meat Cake Cat and Dog Snacks 500g


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  • Product category: Pet Snacks
  • Applicable object: Cats
  • Taste: Chicken patty 100g try can, chicken egg yolk patty 100g try can, duck

Introducing our Freeze-Dried Raw Bone Meat Cake Cat and Dog Snacks in a convenient 500g pack, the perfect treat for your beloved feline and canine companions. Crafted with care, these snacks offer a wholesome and delicious way to pamper your pets while providing essential nutrients for their overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: We source only the finest, human-grade cuts of meat, ensuring a high-protein, nutrient-rich snack that supports your pet’s health and vitality.

  • Raw Nutritional Goodness: Our freeze-drying process preserves the natural flavors and nutrients found in raw bone-in meat. This promotes healthy digestion, strong teeth, and a vibrant coat for both cats and dogs.

  • Bone-In Benefits: Each snack contains carefully selected bone-in pieces, which not only provide a satisfying crunch but also contribute to dental health by naturally cleaning teeth and promoting gum strength.

  • Convenient and Mess-Free: The freeze-dried format retains the flavors and textures your pets love, while eliminating the mess associated with raw feeding. No thawing, cooking, or refrigeration required – just grab and serve.

  • Ideal for Training and Bonding: These bite-sized meat cakes are perfect for training sessions or as special rewards during playtime, helping strengthen the bond between you and your pets.

  • Grain-Free and Allergen-Friendly: Our snacks are free from grains, artificial additives, and common allergens, making them suitable for pets with sensitivities or specific dietary needs.

  • Multi-Pet Household Solution: Whether you have a cat, a dog, or both, our versatile snacks cater to both species, allowing you to conveniently treat all your furry friends with one product.

Treat your pets to the irresistible taste of our Freeze-Dried Raw Bone Meat Cake Snacks. With their unbeatable combination of nutrition, flavor, and convenience, they are sure to become a favorite among your four-legged family members. Make every treat a moment of joy and care with our premium pet snacks.


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