Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Device


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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Type: Dog Whistles
  • Type: Dogs


100% new and high quality
This Whistle can help you to train your dogs.Using this product can produce ultrasound and spread very far.
Within 3km can be heard.
Dog whistle will send a dog can detect ultrasound.
Ear of dog to receive sound waves per second, 120 kHz, while the people can hear up to 20 kHz.
Dog whistle can be issued in addition to the human voice can be heard outside the tube,
While the sound people hear is, only dogs can hear frequencies, this frequency ultrasound transmission is very far,
So the dog can be very far away hear the sound.
Unique sound and frequency, very suitable for liontamer dog, cooeeing, eagle animal

The package includes:
1pcs x Dog whistle


Introducing our revolutionary Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Device – the ultimate solution to transform your dog’s behavior and create a more peaceful and harmonious environment.

Description: Are you tired of incessant barking that disrupts your daily life and your relationship with your furry friend? Our Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Device is designed to effectively and humanely curb excessive barking in dogs of all sizes and breeds. This innovative device combines advanced technology with proven training techniques to help you regain control and restore tranquility to your home.

Key Features:

  1. Effective Training: This device emits a high-pitched sound that is specifically calibrated to catch your dog’s attention without causing any harm. The sound is audible to dogs but not to humans, making it an ideal training tool.

  2. Adjustable Frequency: With adjustable frequency settings, you can customize the whistle’s sound to match your dog’s sensitivity and hearing preferences. This ensures that the training is tailored to your dog’s unique needs.

  3. Easy to Use: Our Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Device is incredibly easy to use. Simply adjust the frequency, hold down the button, and release when your dog’s behavior needs correction. Consistency is key, and with regular use, your dog will associate the sound with inappropriate barking.

  4. Safe and Humane: Unlike other methods that rely on punishment, our device provides a safe and humane way to communicate with your dog. There are no shocks, sprays, or physical interventions involved.

  5. Compact and Portable: The compact size of the device allows you to carry it wherever you go – whether you’re on a walk, at the park, or visiting friends and family. It’s an essential tool for maintaining consistent training no matter the location.

  6. Durable Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, this device is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and various weather conditions.

  7. Versatile Training: While primarily designed to address barking behavior, this device can also be used to reinforce other commands and behaviors, enhancing the overall training experience.

Say goodbye to the stress and frustration caused by incessant barking. Invest in our Dog Whistle To Stop Barking Device and foster a stronger bond with your dog through effective communication and positive reinforcement. Experience the joy of a quieter, more obedient, and happier canine companion today.




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