Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device


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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Model Number: DC U33
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: Repellents
  • Brand Name: MASBRILL
  • Type: Dogs
  • remote range: 10 m/32.8 feet
  • type: dog training
  • battery capacity: 1000mah
  • charging mode: USB
  • ultrasonic: 20~25KHZ
  • power: 2w
  • sound: 75~98db
Ultrasonic Dog Repellers Anti Bark Control Stop Barking Dog Training Repeller Device

【100% Safety】 – This dog bark stopper does not use any liquid propellant or harmful sprays or chemical, which is one hundred percent harmless to your dogs or other pets or plants, and of course safe for yourself and your families, friends, etc.

【Effective Range】- Equipped with upgrade 3 channel high-pitched ultrasonic sensors that have 20~25KHZ power frequency, this ultrasonic dog bark deterrent can effectively expel dogs within 10M.

【Multi-function】- This product with 1000 mAh battery and it can be rechargeable. It has three different sound wave modes, which can break the dog’s immunity to a certain sound wave.

【Easy to carry】- The handheld anti-bark repellent is tiny in size, and it can be in your pocket or take it on your hand (with hanging string).

Maximum exposure range is 32.8feet
Battery Capacity:1000mah,
Work modes: Sound mode ,Ultrasonic mode ,Flash light mode ,

wild adventure  not afraid of wolves


powerful dual ultrasonic sensors

wider range and longer distance up to 32ft extensive control rangecurated sound wave  design

dog-friendly ultrasonic wavefrom easier to understand and learntraining and deterrent modes

your three-in-one solution for dog behavior  problemshigh-power led flashlight

combined with ultrasoundrechargeable and ultra battery life





100% SAFE – This dog stopper does not use any liquid propellants or harmful sprays or chemicals, it is 100% harmless to your dog or other pets or plants, and of course it is also safe for you and your family, friends, etc.Effective Range – Equipped with 3-channel high frequency ultrasonic sensor, the power frequency is 20-25KHZ, this ultrasonic dog bark deterrent can effectively drive away dogs within 10M.MULTIFUNCTIONAL – This product has a 1000mAh battery that is rechargeable. It has three different sound wave modes that can break a dog’s immunity to a certain kind of sound wave.EASY TO CARRY – Portable anti-bark repellent is small enough to carry in your pocket or carry around (with lanyard).

Maximum exposure range of 32.8 feet

Modes: Sound Mode, Ultrasonic Mode, Flash Mode,Battery capacity: 1000mAh, working


Introducing the Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device – Your Solution for Peaceful Surroundings!

Are you tired of incessant barking disrupting your tranquility? Our advanced Dog Repeller is here to put an end to the noise and restore harmony to your environment. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this anti-barking device is your reliable companion for promoting calmness and minimizing excessive dog noise.

Key Features:

  1. Ultrasonic Technology: Emitting high-frequency ultrasonic waves that are unpleasant to dogs yet safe for humans, this device effectively deters dogs from barking without causing any harm.

  2. Smart Activation: Our device utilizes intelligent sensors to detect barking within a range of yards. Upon detection, it activates the ultrasonic sound, gently reminding dogs to cease their barking.

  3. Harmless and Humane: Unlike traditional methods that rely on harmful techniques, our anti-barking device provides a humane way to address excessive barking, allowing dogs to learn and adapt without fear or discomfort.

  4. Adjustable Settings: Tailor the device to your specific needs with adjustable sensitivity levels. Whether you’re dealing with a single noisy neighbor dog or a chorus of barks, you can customize the settings for optimal results.

  5. Sleek and Durable Design: Crafted to blend seamlessly with your surroundings, our device boasts a modern design that complements any outdoor area. Built with high-quality materials, it’s resistant to various weather conditions for long-lasting performance.

  6. Easy Installation: Setting up the Dog Repeller is a breeze. Simply place it in the desired area, secure it, and let it do its magic. No complicated setup or maintenance required.

  7. Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of scenarios, including your backyard, front porch, or even during outdoor activities. Keep it handy to create a peaceful environment wherever you go.

  8. Low Power Consumption: With energy-efficient design, our anti-barking device ensures prolonged use without draining your resources.

Restore serenity to your life and surroundings with the Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device. Experience the transformation as barking woes become a thing of the past. Enjoy a quieter, more serene atmosphere without compromising your compassion for animals. Embrace innovation that works for you and your furry neighbors. Order now and rediscover the joy of a peaceful environment!


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