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Get a ready-made dropshipping store built by dropshipping experts. Skip spending hundreds of hours learning to build a store and jump straight to getting sales.

3 easy steps to get your prebuilt dropshipping store
Get your dropshipping store delivered to you in just 48 hours

Step 1
Pick a niche

Choose a niche of your future store. We will build a store in that niche for you.

Step 2
Wait for 48 hours

We will build your dropshipping store in 48 hours. You will get a notification once it is ready.

Step 3
Get your first sale

Start funneling traffic to your dropshipping store and get your first sale.

About the store

Fully automated & outsourced! Better than Shopify! More than 50% profit margin! Dropshipping business with great potential! Automated dropship store – huge growth opportunity – no technical experience required.

If you are looking for a passive income online or as an alternative to your 9-5 job look no further. This is best suited for you! No experience is required.


As a dropshipping business, there is no need to hold inventory. A great relationship is established with the distributor that is able to deliver the products, a big plus in dropshipping.

If you’re looking to start up in eCommerce this is a great opportunity as the site and products are set up. 

Once you’re familiar with the operation of the site, the time commitment to run the site is primarily in the running of influencer advertising and Google Ads. This can be done personally (1 hr/day) (total 7hr/wk) or easily outsourced on Upwork of Fiverr (1 hr/wk). 

  • Run advertising on your favorite platforms (Google, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Facebook), which can easily be done by outsourcing most of the work on online support platforms.

  • TikTok is currently still a mostly unexplored marketing platform that is ripe for the taking. Established companies are often slow to pivot but this is a great chance to start in the hot new platform!

All operations can also be outsourced to Upwork and Fiverr if you want to be completely hands-off and just watch the sales come in.

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