120 Rolls Dog Outdoor Cleaning Poop Bag


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100% Brand New, High Quality.
Thick material, not easy to be pierced.
Economical for daily use.
Bags are textured for easy opening and pick up.
Plastic material, environment friendly and degradable.
With printing and smells of fragrance.
Easy to clean the pet s poop when go out.
Material: Plastic
Color: Random
Number: 15pcs/ roll
Single size: Length 26cm, Width 24cm

Package Including

1 x 15pcs/ roll pet poop bags

Introducing our convenient and eco-friendly solution for your canine companion’s outdoor adventures – the 120 Rolls Dog Outdoor Cleaning Poop Bag!

Designed with both your dog’s needs and the environment in mind, our poop bags offer a seamless and responsible way to manage your pet’s waste during walks, hikes, or park visits. Each package includes a generous supply of 120 rolls, ensuring you’re always prepared for those moments when nature calls.

Key Features:

  1. Thick and Leak-Proof: Our bags are crafted with durability in mind. The thick material prevents leaks and tears, providing a reliable barrier between you and your furry friend’s waste.

  2. Easy Dispensing: The rolls are designed for easy dispensing, making it a breeze to pull out individual bags when you need them most. This feature ensures a hassle-free experience during your walks or outdoor activities.

  3. Large Size: The bags are sized to accommodate waste from dogs of all sizes. No matter how big or small your furry friend is, you can confidently clean up after them without worrying about bag size limitations.

  4. Scented Option: For added convenience, we offer a scented version of our bags. The pleasant scent helps to mask odors, making your cleanup experience more pleasant for you and those around you.

  5. Environmentally Conscious: We understand the importance of reducing our environmental footprint. These bags are made from biodegradable materials, allowing them to break down naturally over time. You can dispose of them responsibly, knowing you’re making a positive choice for the planet.

  6. Value Pack: With 120 rolls in each package, you’re getting a great value for your money. This ensures that you won’t run out of bags anytime soon, giving you long-lasting convenience.

  7. Versatile Usage: While primarily designed for dog waste, these bags can also come in handy for various other purposes, such as disposing of trash during outdoor excursions or even picking up litter to help keep your surroundings clean.

Make responsible pet ownership a priority with our 120 Rolls Dog Outdoor Cleaning Poop Bag. Say goodbye to messy situations and hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable outdoor experience with your furry friend. Order now and enjoy the benefits of a product designed to make both you and your dog happier campers in the great outdoors!



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